A’Don Allen

Born And Raised In Elmira, New York, A 13 year old A’Don Allen realized that music was his passion so he started making his own original music and released his first self titled mixtape at the age of 16 using nothing but a laptop and a microphone in his earbuds. Once his music started to get noticed a little he then founded his music label “Newest School Entertainment” in 2017, performing with his brother Rap artist DSwizz under the group name DJAA. Shortly after he would go solo and release his first Studio EP titled “Daydreamer” which was a remastered, redone version of his first mixtape. However, it wasn’t until a little after that release where he would really start to take off. In 2018 he would release his single “Apologizin” which was a different sound then he was used to. Instead of the Pop/Dance that he normally would do this was a unique combo of R&B and Techno. This single would be his first song to be played on the radio. A’Don would then start to build his catalog, releasing three more singles titled “Feel My Vibe” “Looney Tunes” and “Rise Up” which would start giving him and his music more recognition as for the next few years he would start to have performances at local fairs, festivals, bars, all through the ages of 17,18, and 19. As his fanbase would grow, so would his range of music. Almost two years after his release of “Rise Up” he would change his style of music from Pop/R&B, to Hip Hop/R&B reuniting with old music partner and brother DSwizz as they would collaborate with the Artist MAR$ and release the single Titled “Fancy” which would be his most viewed and streamed song with 11k people playing it. A few months after that he would then release his Debut Studio Album titled “Mixed Vibes” which features his most streamed song titled “Raindrops” and his hit song “Company” the album would get the attention of multiple recording studios and labels in places such as Syracuse, Virginia, Boston, NYC, Detroit, Atlanta, and New Jersey. He would also get the attention of Empire Music Groups signed Artist Cherp with whom he would collaborate with creating the intro song for Cherps album titled “Up Now” which would make the Top 20 list of most streamed debuting albums on Apple Music and Amazon Music. A’Don would then take time to travel more and grow his fanbase until October of 2022 he would release a new single titled “Luci” which would grow his fanbase even more by going into the eerie Pop/Rock category. His latest release titled “One More Time” would have the same type of feel as far as the genre. On April 22nd Of 2023, A’Don would release his new album titled “The Unpredictable Playlist” where he would show his true versatility combining his Pop/R&B with Techno, Rap, Pop Punk, Rock, and Lofi with 19 tracks that really tell his story within the last 4 years. A’Don will be going on tour in the summer of 2023 with artists JeRk and Bo Nus, featuring DJ Diirty. The tour is named “Ramblings Of The Unpredictable”. A’Don wishes to grow not only his fanbase but his musical range one song at time, to inspire other artists to be themselves and not only have to stick to one sound. To do what makes them happy. His message for his fans is to “Be who you want to be, Don’t be who others want you to be, never give up on being yourself”.